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The face behind McClung Photography

Yep this is me .. Megan McClung, Im the owner of McClung Photography. There is a few things I love about 4 beautiful kids, I love my first job to bits, being a mom is what makes me the happiest... 2nd I love being a photographer, and being allowed into your family for a hour or two to help you capture what you love.. your family! Or taking a still image of pure love on a wedding day.. I LOVE IT !! I do however have other loves other then just working ... I love holidays , I love to read a good book , and making something look pretty , I love Beaches, but I also love to stay in a warm house on a cold day and do nothing. I love the smell of coconut and pomegranate. I love dates with my husband , so now you know a little about me .. I cant wait to get to know a little about you !

1306 838 3823

Southern Alberta Canada

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