Newborn Lifestyle Photos

I don't often get the chance to do lifestyle session anymore now that I primarily do weddings. But once in a blue mom I get a call from a friend or family member and am invited into their home to spend some time with the ones they love in the place they love. I love being able to take the break and hang out with them in there natural element. Though I don't do it much I still love doing Lifestyle shoots the most... (birthing photos are still hands down my favorite though then weddings.) I guess both are being apart of something really special and I love the opportunity I get to capture such personal events. But to tie this random newborn post into my wedding business. I now offer 1 year anniversary sessions to my booked brides as "Thanks "for working with me ...along with a few other surprises...but now if you want to hold off and save it for a newborn session Im allowing it ( I think its because Im in need of some baby snuggles) this year will be snuggling the new babies of 2 of my brides from last year. How exciting ..

So check out the photos of one of my favorite lifestyle shoots to date!