Tips and Tricks for LDS brides

I love that my job takes me to so many wonderful places. I have the opportunity to shoot at sacred buildings , stunning churches, quiet and peaceful spots in nature. All these places are important and special to the couple. I get to take part in many faiths and rituals. I absolutely love that I am invited into peoples lives to see whats important and special to them. That is one of the reasons I picked to do wedding photography . I have had the privilege to do many Lds weddings. In Cardston and Calgary. I love the beauty of the temple and the meaning it has to the people who enter in to be married.

So for Tip and Trick Thursday I wanted to talk to my Lds brides, here is some things I have found that might help you out when getting ready for photos -

1. Allow adequate time for photos to be done , I know we only have so much time in the day to fit in family dinners and calling receptions , the sealing, family photos and eating .. but having adequate time for photos are so important . This is all you will take for memories of your big day , I want to be able to get everything needed with out missing out on something special and being rushed . I request having at least 3 hour after the sealing for family photos and bridals and the couples.

2.Have you thought about the option of doing your formals a couple days before hand? I have done a few weddings where they wanted to have photos in Waterton.. your so close but time does not always allow it on the wedding day. We go out during prime lighting ( that is also not a option on the wedding day , you take what you get) a couple days ahead and spend 2-3 hours in Waterton, I capture the first look and we do photos of just the two of you , alone with no parents or friends around . Then the wedding day you only work on temple photos, bridal photos and family . NO rushing and more time and better photos.... It s worth the extra bit of money in my opinion , and something to look at!

3. BRING a lunch or snacks . Lots of times after the ceremony my brides and bridal party is starving .. and a last minute decision to grab DQ is made.. but remember your taking up photo time .. its easier I have found to have snacks and sandwiches to grab in between photos and it allows you to stick close by.

4. 30 mins tops In front of the temple during summer months . Did you know your on a time limit in front of the temple ( in the gates)? . During the summer the weddings are usually back to back , This only allows you about 30 mins in the front if you have a wedding party right behind you. My Friend the security guard :)kindly reminds me your time is up the next party is coming on out . So if I seem bossy or a tad pushy I am .. we have 30 mins to get all the family photos done. Once we get the basics done we can move to the side of the temple for more detailed family photos if needed.

5.ITS worth it to pay a photographer... I understand weddings are expensive, and we all try to spend the least amount of money. Know one wants to spend more then they can afford. BUT please spend a little on the photos. Make sure your hiring someone with proper gear , knowledge and experience. You don't want to look back 10 years from now and hate your photos. This is a special day , one time deal , capture it perfectly. I promise you my rates are affordable and wont break the bank. I hear all the time that's all your charge?..Yes cause I want you to have good photos..

6. ENJOY the day! Dont stress , Let the photographer your paying do that , let them boss around people and organize people. You just sit back relax and love every moment of it !