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Steam Punk Wedding

WHAT a wedding - this hands down goes down as the coolest wedding of 2017! It took place in a beautiful ranch in the mountains outside of Pincher Creek . The views were stunning. Then comes this amazing couple , who is fun and full of spirit and attitude and LOTS of love! It was just so fun to be around them and their guests . Everyone dressed up in the most amazing costumes ( I may have felt a little left out, I wish I was wearing a cool top hat or dress) Then the details of this wedding blew me away from the bubbles down the isle to the wedding commissioners comments, the pocket watches, to the center pieces, the little tiny top hats they made for each guest, and the wedding cake. Everything was thought out with a purpose to tie it all together. But the thing that stood out to me the most was how much they loved each other. I wish I could of counted the amount of times they said I love you , or kissed ( these guys NEVER stop kissing ) hehe they were so sweet and you could see how much they truly loved each other. Thanks to Kelsey Livingston for coming along for the crazy ride ... It was just so much to be apart of such a fun day! Thanks for allowing me into your dream wedding ! Here is just a Few of SO many photos I could of posted !