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Beautiful Waterton

What do I do on a perfect "warm" January day, when the sun is shining, the sky is blue and the air is crisp? Well, I head to beautiful Waterton with family, friends and wonderful clients!

The only problem: warm in Claresholm is different than warm in Waterton. Lesson learned, and boots purchased (right Natalie?).

Amanda and Scott were the sweetest couple! I could see how much Scott adored Amanda. We trudged through thigh deep snow, but then realized we forgot the blanket. Scott immediately turned back to get it. It was a really sweet gesture.

Nice blanket eh? So glad Scott willingly went back for it.

Amanda is gorgeous and it was so fun to see the love she has for Scott.

They are so happy together and they were so fun to be with. I love meeting such sweet couples!

Denise, Leandra, and Kristen met us right on the shores of Waterton Lake. After trudging through the deep snow, we found a nice little spot. These girls were hilarious! You could see each of their personalities shine through as we shot the photos.

And, they were crazy!!! Coats off, gloves off, throwing snow at each other. It was a blast!

We took a few minutes to warm up, and they were back up to their fun in no time.

That's how I spend a perfect warm January day. In beautiful Waterton, with beautiful people. I love what I do and I love getting to know so many of you.

I am so excited to spend another day in Waterton in February. I've got a couple spots left open for February 24! Call or message me to reserve your spot.