Meet the Team...

I'm so lucky to have the chance to work with SO many amazing people! That is what I love about my job! I have worked with amazing officiants and wedding planners. Djs, florists and venues. It take so many people to come together to make an amazing wedding ! Each has a talent in what they do and that's why it turns out so wonderful!

Its the 100% the same at McClung Photography . I wish I was the 1 man dream team and could take credit for so much or what happens here but that's JUST NOT TRUE ... So I wanted to introduce you to my team I work along side with some other amazing people. I Also love to refer out when I can not take anymore on in my life and I wanted to let you know about them also.

First person - Is this hot stud .. I'm allowed to say that ladies cause it not just a random hired help.. Its my hubby! You might see him carrying my bags at weddings, loading up equipment and even with a camera around his neck second shooting when I need him!

But honestly I bring him most the time cause Guys have no idea how to Tie Ties and he does ! hehe You would be surprised how many times he has jumped in to rescue the groom!

Second- MY associate , You have met her before but she is the lady that hold me together , reminds me, carry's my bags and shoots along side me. I'm grateful for her talents ! I cant wait to bring on wedding season 2018 with her...You brides and grooms are in for a treat with us as a pair ! You think I'm fun wait to you have us both!

Third- I'm excited to announce my Graphic Designer, As much as I wish I had enough time and ability to do everything ITs JUST NOT possible ! You moms know it ! Cassandra Designs does all my graphics and extensive editing . You know those Head swaps and removing of people in photos... I send them her way and she fixes it all up for me in a lot faster time then I would !

She also designs my brides invite and save the dates , along with any designs you need done ! For killer prices!

Fourth - You need a videographer? Well This stud ( Ladies I can say this its my baby cousin this time :) He is amazing at what he does and is always willing to tag along with McClung photography -

Check out TomCat visuals to book! -

Did you also know that I work along side a Bridal store ? Chic Bridal Boutique !

Stunning bridal store right here in Southern Alberta -

Check out my prints in the store and when you buy your wedding or grad dress from them and then book with me for photos ,you get 10% off !

Seriously McClung photography is one big LARGE family ! I love it! Then you get to join this crazy big family when you book with us!